Global Football Training is a comprehensive player development program that took first-hand glance at academies and coaching at some of the world’s most legendary and successful talent-producing clubs.  

Visits in Europe by GFT

The founder of Global Football Training (GFT), Mr. Kenn Schmidt Nielsen, traveled the globe for nearly three years, mapping and analyzing different coaching styles and methods, cultures, footballing philosophies, and talent development programs.

The culmination of these styles and philosophies is a “truly unique coaching method to produce a new breed of more intelligent players.” – Kenn Schmidt Nielsen

The purpose behind these years of exploration and study were to collect and analyze data and derive a football program that could serve its players on a global scale.  

After three very intense and informative years on the road, Mr. Nielsen was able to complete the program design.  The Global Football Training Curriculum and program already established within the Global Football School USA, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina has already shown to be effective in developing well-rounded, technically sound, and game intelligent players.

The concept and basic foundation of the curriculum of this program is Game Intelligence.  It addresses individual player development, training techniques, the player’s social environment, physique, nutrition, and many other factors that influence player development.
In total, Mr. Nielsen’s studies took him to a total of +100 individual clubs/academies located in 26 different countries across the globe, including parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and North America. 

Survey visits to the +100 individual club/academy typically lasted for 1-4 days, some even longer.

Read more about the project HERE ​or go here to read one of the many articles done on the project.

Global Football Training
Global Football Training

Countries that GFT visited on the trip.

England, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa, Lesotho, Ghana, USA, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Columbia , Jamaica, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China


+100 Clubs, Schools, Academies and Federations..

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