COVID-19 Update

Considering recent events regarding COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) and the recommendation of CDC, Global Elite Futsal is still temporarily suspending our training sessions with a current plan to resume training mid May or as soon as the conditions allow us to after that.

Technical Director of Global Elite Futsal says ...

To the best of our knowledge, NO staff, NO children or NONE of their family members in our programs, have contracted COVID-19, and we are temporarily suspending our sessions at this time.

Once the "mask mandate" is lifted, and we at Global Elite Futsal, think the correct environment is there for the kids to train, we will reopen the programs, until then we will keep the programs on hold. Ultimately your children and their families health is our first priority. We will continue to monitor this very fluid situation closely and keep you updated to any and all changes to our training sessions.”

To all our young players, this will give you time to work on your skills, so parents, please get them to work on their juggling skills a min of 30 min per day by themselves in the backyard.