Global Elite FC CORE Futsal Program

Global Elite FC launches NEW CORE Futsal Program (indoor soccer).

CORE Program dates:

January 27 February 17 + 24 March 10 + 17 + 24 + 29 + 31 @ Sporting Chance Center (Fridays/Sundays)

Global Elite FC (GEFC) announces the launch of our new Futsal CORE Program set to start on January 27th and run for 8 weeks every Sunday at 6.00 - 7.30pm for skilled and advanced players.

GEFC will have home base and train at Sporting Chance Center, 2100 W. Curtis Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705.

We focus on enhancing club players technical skills and their game intelligence.

We are only the second Futsal program in Arizona to be sanctioned by US Youth Futsal.

CORE Program Description

FUTSAL is ….Fast and Furious AND Fun

The Global Elite FC CORE program adds to our BASE program and will be the next level in our futsal model. It is an excellent option for

skilled 11-17-year-old players and will be more advance and challenging for the players than our BASE program.

The program is open to youth players based on age (tryout or selection is required)

In this program we will add another more advanced layer on our Futsal program model, to continues the development of our players.

Our CORE program gives young players the knowledge and offer room for creativity to excel and have fun while exploring the beautiful game of Futsal.

The program will emphasize developmental training for skilled players and focusing on learning the advanced fundamentals skills of the game.

Players will be provided training in base skills and aspects of the game and will get basic tactical training in game situations depending on the level of the training pool.

Futsal provides an unparalleled training ground for developing soccer and futsal players. The small, heavier ball and fast-paced court keeps most of the play on the ground, which encourages players to improve their technical skills, speed of play, faster decision-making ability and Futsal promotes quality touches.

Important info about the sessions:

Our CORE program runs for 8 weeks, and will add 1 training session per week, on Sundays.

Each session has a limit of 10 players in each of our player pools. - Player Pools U12 - U13/U14-U18.

Global Elite FC shirts can be purchased ($25).

Shirt can be worn season after season within the same program. Shirts are nonrefundable.


Our unique curriculum is the foundation in our dedication to youth development and players education. At Global Elite FC we believe in:

  • Setting the player FIRST

  • Development of players with a high level of game intelligence

  • Teaching and transfer the expert knowledge about the game from the coach (teacher) to the player (student of the game)

  • To create an environment of optimism and encourage the players and coaches to reach their maximum potential

Global Elite FC will place emphasis on the player experience as our unique programs and curriculum focus is on learning and development in pursuit of excellence.

This approach provides opportunities for growth and education through participation in high-level training sessions.