Global Elite FC - NEW KITS....

Global Elite FC - NEW kits for our BASE Program

We just got out NEW BASE program kits.

The program will run 8 WEEKS, twice a week from Oct 26 - Dec 16


Our unique curriculum is the foundation of our dedication to youth development and our players education.

At Global Elite FC we believe that sports can and must be a positive factor in any child’s personal and social development.

We believe if the game is taught with the right values we will achieves that.

Our Philosophy is Centered on

  • Setting the player FIRST

  • Development of players with a high level of game intelligence

  • Commitment towards the community and welfare of the players enrolling in the programs

  • Teaching and transfer the expert knowledge about the game from the coach (teacher) to the player (student of the game)

  • To provide the players with exposure in tournaments on a national and over time, international level

  • To create an environment of optimism and encourage the players and coaches to reach their maximum potential

Global Elite FC will place emphasis on the player experience as in our unique programs and curriculum, our main focus will be on learning and development in pursuit of excellence. This approach provides opportunities for growth and education through participation in high-level training sessions as well as the development of positive societal attitudes through service to our communities.

The philosophy at GEFC is rooted in training and educating players.

Each player is encouraged to develop at his or her own pace with results measured by tactical and technical skill mastery.

We strongly believe that purposeful training produces permanent results.

The objective and mission of GEFC is to develop unique players by placing game intelligence and decision-making as the cornerstone of our training environment. GEFC will be accepting new students/players born in the years of 2004 – 2010 in our upcoming programs.