Pro Futsal Showcase/Tournament

Major League Futsal, Tucson Amigos, Arizona MOJO and 

Global Elite FC invites you to the FIRST mini PRO Futsal Showcase/Tournament in Tucson.

The tournament will be hosted at Sporting Chance Center in Tucson on SUNDAY MAY 12th from 11am - 3pm​

There will be 3 HIGH level teams playing two games each making it a

3 game mini tournament.


You can drop in for 15 min of Futsal, watch a whole high pace game or stay and watch all 3 games.   - It is ALL FREE.

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Major League Futsal
Pro Teams
Major League Futsal

ABOUT Major League Futsal


The worlds authentic small game comes to North America,  with chartered members in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are the fastest growing professional brand today in the game of futsal, providing unbridled expertise, knowledge and commitment.

Founded in 2015 all MLF programs are sanctioned by the North American Futsal Federation, and the Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón (FIFUSA).  

Since 2012 the MLF has been promoting professional futsal across the United States, Mexico and Canada, each year trying to improve its position in the futsal community. In 2018 the MLF decided to remove all distractions and promote the sport of futsal from within. Our national and international connections are second to none, we will now use these connections to promote the sport and its players like never before. 

If you are an investor looking to invest in the sport of futsal, contact us and get involved. 

Spring-Summer League Season:

Major League Futsal Men's Professional (April-October)
Major League Futsal Women's Professional (April-August)    
Providers of the Worlds Authentic Small Game Youth To Pro, Since 2012.

ABOUT Global Elite Futsal

Global ELITE FC is located in Tucson AZ.


GEFC is the first Futsal combination set up in Arizona to incorporate the best practices, tactics and philosophies from the world’s leading youth programs into one single curriculum. 

Global ELITE FC is using the Global Football Training curriculum as the foundation within the Futsal player development and education.

The objective at GEFC is to develop the complete player, by placing ‘intelligent decision making’ as the cornerstone of the training environment. 


The Global ELITE FC is an environment providing futsal training for players at age 7 -18, of all levels of the game.

The philosophy at GEFC is rooted in training and educating players.

Each player is encouraged to develop at his or her own pace with results measured by tactical and technical skill mastery.

We strongly believe that purposeful training produces permanent results.

For 2019 season, the training environment will be limited to 20 players in each player pool to ensure the best experience for both the individual and overall group.