Global Elite Futsal Camps

Global Elite Futsal camp dates to be announced.

The FUTSAL Camp dates are :

Global Elite Futsal is NOT a soccer club, but a FUTSAL program that focus on enhancing club players technical skills and game intelligence through FUTSAL training.

We are NOT affiliated with just one club in the Pima County area, but have an open door policy to all clubs in the area.

Our players are representing and playing club soccer in the afternoon and weekends in different clubs in the Pima County area.

Program Description.


The Global Elite FUTSAL camps (Indoor Soccer 5v5) is an excellent option for U6 - U14 players of ALL levels and for skilled players U12 and up.

The camps are open to all youth players based on age (no tryout required). Players are placed in player pools for training.


Our U6 players are the youngest age group in Global Elite Futsal to participants in formal training.


All age groups will typically have 2 training block on camp days.

Our training blocks run from 9 - 10.30 am, 10.45 am till Noon.  

Important info about the camp sessions:

Players will be divided into pools and each player pool has a limit of 15 players. Player Pool 1 - U6 - U9, Pool 2 - U10 - U14, 

Player Pool 3 - U12 - U18 Skilled  players.


VIP Passes registration fees include a CAMP Player Shirt. (we now have 3 designs to choose from) Check them out here

Extra GLOBAL ELITE Futsal shirts can be purchased ($35 for a shirt or $50 for our kit). 

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The Game of Futsal.


Futsal is a fast-paced 5-a-side indoor soccer game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognized by both USSF and FIFA.

While it can be a sport in its own right, Futsal does not compete with mainstream soccer, but serves to support it. Futsal is widely considered a valuable tool in the development of young players to assist them in becoming more technically proficient in situations of high pressure.

This makes our Futsal programs a terrific way to allow players to improve their skills. 

Key skills and techniques used throughout Futsal games and training, are all directly transferable to the outdoor game.


Through Futsal, players have increased opportunity for:

Development of agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Enhancing comfort level with the ball, learning to make quick decisions while under pressure and in tight spaces, learning better spatial awareness, improving passing, dribbling, turning, shooting and ball control while under pressure.


Benefits :


1. Ball Mastery
Futsal is known worldwide for its value in developing technical proficiency with the ball. Among other things, the absence of boards, the tight space, and the sheer number of touches each player gets on the ball, (whether attacker, defender, or keeper) forces each player to develop ball mastery.


2. Speed of play
Futsal requires quick decisions and quick execution. The speed and intensity of the game helps each player learn how to think more quickly and act more decisively.


3. Agility and Balance
Futsal requires players keep their balance in tight spaces, with their center of gravity over the ball. Agility and quick footwork are developed as players adapt to the game.


4. Movement off of the Ball
Futsal requires that players without the ball constantly support teammates, anticipating proper position for receiving the ball, shooting, and defending. All players on the court, including keepers, must constantly be moving into better position.


5. Creativity
Futsal encourages creative play. Skilled attacking moves, deft passing, and combination plays are all enhanced in futsal.


Our Philosophy is Centered on


Setting the player FIRST

Development of players with a high level of game intelligence

Teaching and transfer the expert knowledge about the game from the coach (teacher) to the player (student of the game)

To provide the players with exposure in tournaments on a national and over time, international level

To create an environment of optimism and encourage the players to reach their maximum potential


The philosophy at GEFC is rooted in training and educating players.

Each player is encouraged to develop at his or her own pace with results measured by tactical and technical skill mastery.

We strongly believe that purposeful training produces permanent results.


Global ELITE Futsal is NOT a club, as we are only focusing on enhancing club players technical skills and their game intelligence. Our programs are intended to complement the player’s regular club soccer experience, and players from all parts of Tucson and all soccer clubs in Tucson, are permitted and encouraged to participate in our programs. 


The objective and mission of GEFC is to develop unique players by placing game intelligence and decision-making as the cornerstone of our training environment. GEFC will be accepting new students/players born in the years of 2003 – 2015 in our upcoming camps and programs. 

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