Global Elite FC hosting FUTSAL Pick up.

Futsal Pick-up is the perfect time to just let loose and play. You don’t need to register, pay ahead or even bring a ball, just drop in and catch a few fast-paced 5v5 futsal pick up games with your friends.

We play every Thursday from 8.30 - 10.00pm at Sporting Chance Center. 

Sporting Chance Center is located at 2100 W. Curtis Road, Tucson, AZ 85705. 

Why Futsal ?

Looking for something fun to do? Drop-In at Sporting Chance Center and join our FUTSAL pick ups on Thursday's. 
Teams of 5-6 players compete in a series of pick-up futsal games during the 1.5 hour session – with players rotating on and off the court.
The vibe is friendly and fun – yet competitive. Our adult futsal pick up is great for players looking to get active or improve their game. 

Invite your work colleagues for some team bonding. Gather your indoor or outdoor team to join the fun. 
Or just drop by and make new friends. 

$10 for 1.5 Hours of FUN.

ADULT Pick-up