Global ELITE Futsal is located in Tucson AZ.


GEFC is the first Futsal combination set up in Arizona to incorporate the best practices, tactics and philosophies from the world’s leading youth programs into one single curriculum. 

Global ELITE Futsal will be using the Global Football Training curriculum as the foundation within the Futsal player development and education.

The objective at GEFC is to develop the complete player, by placing ‘intelligent decision making’ as the cornerstone of the training environment. 


The Global ELITE Futsal will be an environment providing futsal training and the development of life skills.

For 2019/2020 season, the training environment will be limited to 20 players in each player pool to ensure the best experience for both the individual and overall group. 


Players with experience in the game, can recognize a situation and put it into the correct context.

The more experience players have, the greater the chances of recognizing situations. Recognition often means a greater level of

consistency, less time in decision making, and hence better chances of choosing the most appropriate decision and action in the game. 


The action of that specific decision is the ability to analyze several options and select several opportunities from these options.

We will train players to analyze the opportunities and from that, make the best decision. 

Players will learn where the most appropriate places on the field/court are for each decision.

The decision depends on an assessment of the risks involved. Risk assessment should cover both the “chances of successes” in a given situation, as well as the relational factors involved.

The philosophy at Global ELITE Futsal is rooted in training, not in playing games.  Each player is encouraged to develop at his or her own pace, with results which are measured by tactical and technical skill mastery, as well as, the physical and mental conditioning of the player.

Purposeful training produces permanent results. 

Our objective at GEFC is to develop high-performance players, capable of building a successful career as an elite-level player.  

The program is designed to meet the needs of boys and girls at each stage of development, from U5 to U19.  

Global Elite Futsal